• We Specialize in the Harsh Marine Environment

    Coastal New Jersey can be a difficult environment. At Seacoast Restoration, our craftsmanship is built to last.

  • Custom Chimney Caps Built to Order

    Our chimney caps are Superstorm Sandy tested. Individually designed standing seem chimney caps are 100 percent copper - no wood or steel supports. Our caps are built to custom dimensions and can be shipped anywhere.

  • Restoring Coastal Beach Homes - Call 732-788-1253 for Free Quotes

    Having grown up here, the professionals at Seacoast appreciate and understand the Coastal New Jersey area's unique coastal architecture and ensure correct restoration and personal attention.

  • Custom Built-Ins, Crafted To Your Design

    Seacoast works with your vision to create one-of-a-kind built-ins. We'll turn your idea into a highlight of your home.

  • Custom Copper Work
    Extensive experience in Coastal New Jersey area building and restoration.
    Beach Home Renovation
    We specialize in the harsh marine environment.
    Hand-Rolled Standing Seem Copper
    Standing seem copper roofs made on the job site.
    Unmatched Crafstmanship
    Quality custom carpentry and hand-crafted metalwork.
    Custom Cherry Bar
    We can design, create, and install custom bars.
    Custom Kitchens
    Seacoast can transform your kitchen into a highlight of your home.

Restoration and Renovation | Coastal New Jersey

Coastal New Jersey home and business owners have long recognized that quality copper work adds unparalleled beauty and class to any building. Seacoast Historic Restoration and Renovation is the premiere provider and installer of awe-inspiring copperwork across the region.

Commitment to Quality and Affordability

While adding, renovating or restoring copper work in your Coastal New Jersey home or business can be a significant investment, Seacoast offers service and products at an affordable price, and all work is backed by a personal guarantee for every step of the project. Seacoast’s commitment to every customer begins the moment you choose them as your copper company, and remains well after the project is completed. The investment you make in any work that Seacoast completes for you will provide you an amazing return for your money—and your time.

Why Choose Copper?

Not sure how copper work could enhance your building? The experts at Seacoast Historic Restoration and Renovation are ready to answer any questions and discuss any projects you may be considering. From copper gutters and copper flashing to copper chimneys to and chimney caps, the highly skilled and professional craftsmen at Seacoast can talk you through any project before you make a decision. It’s important for you to understand exactly what is entailed prior to entering into any installation, restoration or renovation project. They want you to be certain about your decision. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Work That Withstands the Test of Time

Those living and working in Coastal New Jersey know that it is a harsh marine environment. Many materials don’t withstand the weather in this region. Even some copper work has a hard time surviving the storms that hit from time to time. However, Seacoast’s work has been tested over the years, and most recently withstood Super Storm Sandy. The quality, efficiency and attention to detail that Seacoast puts into every job speaks for itself in difficult times. Let us put that dedication to work for you in any project you require in and around the Coastal New Jersey area. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or requests at 732-788-1253.

More Than Just Copper Work

Seacoast performs a variety of installations, renovations and renovations in addition to copper work. Fine carpentry, architectural metalwork and design consultations are also part of our repertoire. Contact us for more information and a free quote!

Revitalizing Homes, Businesses, Historical Landmarks on the Coast